• Medical Test   

You have to get your Medical Test done for which you have to contact our Office along with your: 

  1. Original Passport
  2. Original CNIC
  3. Four Nos Recent Passport Size Photograph

We shall provide you a GAMCA Number. After obtaining the same from GAMCA office as per Rules of Royal Saudi Consulate and other Middle       East Countries you shall get your Medical Test done by a Medical Center which is approved by the Saudi Consulate and other Middle East               Countries. In case, you are declared medically unfit, no further action shall be taken in respect of Visa Processing.

  • Document Attestations 

a) First of all you have to get all the Certificates/Degree translated in Arabic by yourself.

b) If you have obtained your Degree from a University located outside Pakistan you have to get your Degree attestation from the Royal                   Saudi Consulate and other Middle East Countries Embassy in that country by yourself.

  • Degree from Punjab, NWFP and Azad Kashmir

If you have obtained your degree from the provinces of Punjab, NWFP or AZAD KASHMIR, you shall get your Documents attested by the Royal Saudi Consulate in Islamabad, however to enable  us to do the same, you should get the same attested first from the following yourself:

1: Relevant Ministry of Education

2: Verification of only degree and its Arabic Translation by the University Grant Commission (Higher Education Commission)

3: Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once you have done all the above, you will submit all your verified Original documents along with the respective attested Arabic Translated copies of Certificates, Degrees & Translation to our office.

  • Degree from Sindh and Baluchistan

1: Take a Letter addressed to the relevant University from our office and then get your Original Degree along with its Copy to the relevant University. The Relevant University shall affix Verification Stamp on your Original Degree as well as on its Copy while the University shall itself send the necessary Degree Verification Letter to the Royal Saudi Consulate or other Middle East Countries Embassy through Courier Service.

2: You have to get all your Documents translated into Arabic yourself as well as get these Documents and respective Arabic Translated verified from the following institutions yourself.

  1. Ministry of Education
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

After getting the above Verification and Attestation done, you have to visit yourself the Royal Saudi Consulate or other Middle East Countries Consulates to find that the necessary Degree Verification Letter issued by the University reached there or not. As soon as the Royal Saudi Consulate confirms having received the Verification letter, they shall accept all your Original Documents, with their copies, along with attestation Fee. Normally the Royal Saudi Consulate returns these documents after attestation within 2 working days, however it may take longer. Once all your Documents are attested by the Royal Saudi Consulate, you shall forward all these original Documents along with respective Arabic Translation to our Office against a Proper Receipt. All these documents shall be returned to you after your visa has been obtained.

NOTE: Attestation of Documents are mandatory for all prospective candidates going to the K.S.A or other Middle East Countries and hence any expense you incur for this will not be paid by us or our Principal.

  • NADARA Formality

After obtaining visa, you shall be provided with the Copies of Visa and Passport along with Original CNIC. You have to go yourself to the nearby NADRA Office and deposit the NADRA Fee against a Proper Receipt. You shall forward your Original CNIC along with NADRA Receipt to our Office. Against this NADRA Fee, NADRA shall send your Overseas Registration Card within Three (3) Months at your Residential Address through Courier Service.

  • Visa Procedure for Saudia Arabia


  1. Original Computerized Valid Passport along with all Previous Passport, if any.
  2. Original Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
  3. 6 CM x 4 CM Colored Photograph with off white Background: 2 Nos.
  4. Normal Colored Passport Size Photograph: 12 Nos.
  5. All Attested Original Certificates/ Degrees along with their respective attested Arabic Translation copies.
  6. Medical Fitness Certificates.

  • Visa Procedure for U.A.E, middle East and Malaysia

We send C.Vs containing on one colored photocopy of passport and four passport and size photographs with blue background with copies of documents on which bases the selection of the candidates has been carried out.

For U.A.E, we receive copy of individual visa which is stamped at the U.A.E Airports when the workers arrive there. The original copy of Visa is represented by the Principal at the arrival counter of Air Ports of U.A.E when the worker is arrived at the Air Port.

For Malaysia, we receive by name visas from the Ministry of Malaysian Government on one letter. For Malaysia we get the visa stamped first from Malaysia Embassy in Pakistan.

  • Seat Conformation and Departure

Once the Formalities of Protector of Emigrants are completed, we shall forward your details to our Travel Agents to make Travel arrangements. As soon as your seat is confirmed, we shall inform you. We hope this guide lines will followed by you to help us in helping your visa processing. Kindly note that this whole process takes a time frame of 20-30 days so please arrange all your correct engagements to suit this plan. Due to some unforeseen events this time frame can go beyond the specified time.


Usually we receive bulk visas and not individual after making of selection or before selection.