1. We do the needful to receive the Client or his Representative at the airport.
  2. We do the proper booking & reservation for them in hotels.
  3. We make arrangements for the Representatives of the Principals to conduct trade test and interviews for the candidates.
  4. We provide free assistance for hotel and transportation within Pakistan for Representative of the Company for conducting trade tests and interviews.
  5. We are responsible for flight booking of finally selected workers & provide phone/fax confirmation to the Employer prior their departure from Pakistan.
  6. We take care of the medical examination of candidates.
  7. All Pakistan Government formalities like Protector Clearance and registration of contracts, visa, Air passage, Medical check and travel on behalf of the Employer will be looked after by us.
  8. We are also responsible for the performance, behavior and productivity of the candidates recruited by us up to three months’ probation period.

Service and other terms and conditions are negotiable.