Job Search & Selection

Job Search

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            How to apply for an International Job


Most positions require at least 2 years experience after completion of education or training.

Our Industrial Contractors/ Employers usually require at least 5 years experience.


  • Make sure resume has details particularly about your job duties.
  • Include your contact information and your e-mail address on your resume.
  • Include exact dates of employment and education.
  • Specific job titles.
  • Details of job duties.
  • Include personal data, Age, Marital Status etc.
  • Keep it simple format and fancy fonts please.
  • We will accept the following as e-mail attachments.
  • Simple text (.txt) files.
  • Simple word documents files.


In addition to the resume, please provide us, when we asked, copies of applicable documents.

Better you should send by post, complete CV’s along with copies of documents in advance. We shall contact you whenever the Bureau receives demand, matching your qualifications & experience.


Selection Process

  • Advertising
  • Short Listing
  • Selection Committee


Available jobs are advertised in widely circulated daily newspapers, providing all possible opportunities to the interested persons to get in touch with.

-Short Listing

The applications collected, are short listed and prescreened prior to sending these to a Selection Committee. We also check our files where we may have available CV’s of the interested Emigrants already sent to us by Post or         E-mail.

-Selection Committee

A selection committee comprising personal’s in respective field’s further sorts out the best peoples for submitting to its foreign valued clients. Prefer that selections be made by Representative of Employers to get optimum results and satisfaction. We take intensive care in case our Honorable Client authorizes us to finalize the selection as per terms and conditions laid down in the demand letter.